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Starting in January 2023, our intake line will be open on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10 AM – 3 PM. Please note that Legal Aid is temporarily only accepting calls on our intake line for new legal matters in the areas of public benefits, and a few specific types of consumer law cases (foreclosure, real property tax, structured settlement annuity transfer, and bankruptcy matters).  You can apply for help with a new legal matter in any of Legal Aid’s practice areas online at any time.

If you need assistance with a rental housing issue, you may apply for our help online or you may call the Landlord Tenant Legal Assistance Network* at 202-780-2575. 

If you need assistance with a family or domestic violence law matter, you may apply for our help online or call the Family Law Assistance Network* at 202-844-5428. 

If you need assistance with a debt collection matter, you may apply for our help online or you may call the Debt Collection Defense hotline* at 202-851-3387.

*Please note that the above listed legal assistance networks and hotlines are shared networks staffed by Legal Aid and other DC legal services organizations. 
Empezando el enero 2023, nuestra línea de admisión estará abierta los lunes y miércoles desde 10 a.m. hasta las 3 p.m. Toma en cuenta que Asistencia Legal temporalmente está aceptando llamadas en nuestra línea de admisión sobre nuevos asuntos legales solo en las áreas de beneficios públicos y unos casos específicos de ley del consumidor (ejecución hipotecaria, impuestos sobre bienes inmuebles, acuerdos de pagos estructurados, y bancarrota). Usted puede solicitar ayuda con un nuevo asunto legal en todas las áreas de práctica de la Asistencia Legal en línea en cualquier momento.  

Si necesita ayuda con un asunto de vivienda en alquiler, puede solicitar ayuda en línea o puede llamar a la Red de asistencia para inquilinos y arrendadores* al 202-780-2575,  

Si necesita ayuda con un asunto de ley de familia o violencia intrafamiliar, puede solicitar ayuda en línea o puede llamar a la Red de asistencia de ley de familia* al 202-844-5428.  

Si necesita ayuda con un asunto de cobro de deudas, puede solicitar ayuda en línea o puede llamar a la Línea de atención en defensa de cobro de deudas* al 202-851-3387.  

*Toma en cuenta que la Asistencia Legal y otras organizaciones de servicios legales en DC proveen de personal a las redes y líneas de atención arriba mencionadas.

Legal Aid of DC Online Intake Form

Terms of Use and General Information about Online Intake

By using this application you are asking the Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia for free help with a legal matter in the District of Columbia. We cannot help with legal matters that are in Maryland, Virginia, or another state outside of the District of Columbia.

Upcoming Court Date or Deadline

We will try to get back to you within two weeks but cannot promise to make a decision by any date. If you have a court date or another deadline coming up in the next two weeks, we will try to review your application more quickly, but we cannot guarantee that we will get back to you before your upcoming court date/deadline. You are also welcome to contact Legal Aid by phone at (202) 628-1161 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Legal Aid Is Not Your Lawyer

Legal Aid does not represent you unless and until we give you a written agreement that says that Legal Aid will be your lawyer and will represent you in a specific matter. Until then, you are still responsible for all the actions you need to take in your case.


Legal Aid will not disclose any confidential information you share with us without your permission.

Income Guidelines for Services

We generally serve individuals whose household income is at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. For some types of cases, we may serve individuals whose household income is up to 300% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Legal Aid Cannot Help Everyone

Even if you are eligible for our services, we cannot accept every case. Legal Aid must avoid conflicts of interest. A conflict can arise, for example, if we gave legal help to the opposing party in your case. If there is a conflict of interest, we won’t be able to accept your case.

There are also many other reasons why Legal Aid may not be able to take your case, including that Legal Aid simply does not have enough staff to represent all applicants who need help. If we do not take your case, we will send you a notice to let you know. We will not state the reason or whether there is a conflict of interest.

As you navigate through the form, please use the “Next” and “Back” buttons instead of your browser’s built-in arrow keys.

Please Select the Type of Case You Have:

Please select only one option. To apply for assistance with another issue, you will need to fill out the form again.

  • • Eviction
  • • Help Getting Repairs Made
  • • Issues with Vouchers or Public Housing

  • • Child Support/Custody
  • • Domestic Violence🛈
  • • Divorce

  • • Medicare/Medicaid/Alliance
  • • Disability/SSI/SSDI
  • • TANF/Food Stamps
  • • Unemployment Benefits
  • • Home Health Aide

  • • Debt Collection and/or Bankruptcy
  • • Foreclosure🛈
  • • Auto Insurance Subrogation🛈
  • • Structured Settlement Transfer🛈

  • • Adoption
  • • Criminal
  • • Education
  • • Employment
  • • Guardianship/Conservatorship
  • • Medical Malpractice
  • • Personal Injury
  • • Power of Attorney
  • • Probate
  • • Taxes
  • • Wills

If you do not see your issue listed above, please look on our list of legal services organizations and other resources in the District of Columbia to find another organization that might be able to help you with your legal issue.